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C3 Software launches covidcollect

A tool in the test and trace arsenal is here


An entrepreneur who wanted a better way for businesses to collect details of customers for the NHS Test and Trace requirements has developed an app – ‘COVID Collect’. Carl Blanchard who runs C3 Software in Bournemouth, Dorset, realised a new system was needed when he had to write down his details in a pub on a sheet of paper.

Understanding it was potentially capable of spreading Covid and in breach of GDPR rules, he designed his superbly simple app. Any venue, sports club or premises that requires visitors to register for the Test and Trace system can now use ‘COVID Collect’. Data is inputted on a device either by the customer or staff – it is then safely stored and can be sent to Test and Trace if required. The data can also be inputted by a customer scanning a QR code with their details on.

Carl said: “When I had to write my details down on a piece of paper I saw a problem that had to be solved.

“Using a pencil means Covid could be spread and it would be easy for someone to take a photo of all the names and numbers on the list, which would be in breach of GDPR regulations.

“Being a developer, I like to solve problems and set about creating a tool that is incredibly easy to use and is available for a small, one-off cost.

“Inputting the data takes seconds – and the details are stored safely and can be communicated to Test and Trace if necessary.

“All data is deleted after 21 days – unlike when it is written down and the paper could be lying around for years.

“If people prefer to use contactless technology they can also, very easily, make their own QR code with their details on, and the app will read that and enter the information instantly.

“All businesses that require customers or visitors to give their details can use this app and it can be up and running in minutes.

“The government says it prefers businesses to collect the information digitally and this method is very easy.

“People already using it say it drastically reduces the burden of administration and frees up a lot of time.

“As none of the usual providers are offering any Covid-related apps, this is available only from our website.”

Test and Trace demands that those in the hospitality sector including pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, museums and cafés take customers’ details. Museums, cinemas, zoos, theme parks, hairdressers, tattooists, barbershops, tailors, town halls, civic centres, community centres, libraries, children’s centres, sports clubs and places of worship are also included.

If someone who has visited a venue tests positive for Covid, the details can be instantly exported from the COVID Collect app. COVID Collect is designed to be part of a business’s range of measures to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The Android app can be purchased from C3’s website at:


COVID Collect runs on Android tablets (version 7 and newer), and can be purchased directly from us for £25 plus VAT.