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New forest runners adopt COVIDCollect to manage Test & Trace data


A running club in the New Forest has adopted an Android application to maintain their NHS test and trace records and meet the obligations set forth by the government.

Paul Goode from New Forest Runners, was looking for something more efficient than pen and paper and contacted C3 Software after hearing about the COVIDCollect app.

Data is inputted contact free by the participant scanning a QR code with their details in, or can be added manually to the device by the participant or organiser – it is then safely stored. In the event someone who has visited tests positive for Covid, the details can be instantly exported.

Paul said: “We chose this app for its ease of use with no use of clipboards or paper records to maintain and minimal admin, it has drastically reduced the burden of administration and frees up a lot of time at the start of sessions

“The information is recorded by QR code, or manual entry if needed, it stores the information for the required 21 days.

“The option to export is a bonus, giving organisers a view of members training at different locations

“Best of all, no internet is required which is important in the middle of the forest.’’

Carl Blanchard of C3 Software in Dorset, who developed the app, realised a new system was needed after writing down his details on a sheet of paper at a venue. Realising this was potentially capable of spreading Covid and in breach of GDPR rules, he designed this superbly simple app.

During the design process, he quickly realised there were lots of other organisations needing to record members details for their clubs and activities to get back on track.

Test and Trace requires that those in the leisure sector including sports clubs, take attendees details to help in the case of an outbreak. In addition, the hospitality sector, museums, cinemas, zoos, theme parks, town halls, civic centres, community centres, libraries, children’s centres and places of worship are also included.

Any venue, sports club or premises that requires visitors to register for Test and Trace can now use ‘COVID Collect’, which is designed to be part of an organisations range of measures to keep everyone safe.

COVID Collect runs on Android devices version 7 and above for more information visit

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COVID Collect runs on Android tablets (version 7 and newer), and can be purchased directly from us for £25 plus VAT.