As part of the government’s strategy to manage the spread of COVID-19, premises where customers and visitors can potentially come into close contact with other people outside of their household, should now record details of each visit. Names, contact details, dates and times need to documented so that in the event of an outbreak, NHS Test and Trace can use this data to take the appropriate action to help control the spread of the virus. Affected businesses include: 


Pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés

Tourism and Leisure

Hotels, museums, cinemas, zoos and theme parks

Close Contact Services

Hairdressers, tattooists, barbershops and tailors

Local Authority Facilities

Town halls and civic centres for events, community centres, libraries and children’s centres

Places of Worship

including use for events and other community activities

To help you and your business C3 Software has created COVID Collect; an easy-to-use Android app, which provides a secure and GDPR-compliant method of collecting records of staff, customers and visitors.

Data about each visitor (name and contact details, plus dates and times) is stored locally on the device, so there’s no need for an internet connection. In accordance with the government guidelines, records are stored temporarily for 21 days (the incubation period for COVID-19 plus time for testing and tracing), after which they are automatically wiped.

Government guidance also suggests that appropriate security measures are taken to protect the contact information you collect. Electronically is preferable, it says (well, that’s a tick for our system!). For additional security, administration screens on COVID Collect are protected from view using a PIN. Customer details are securely hidden away from potential misuse (news emerged recently that a Subway worker ‘harassed’ a female customer on social media after getting her details from a contact tracing list).

It seems obvious to say, but getting customers to use a tablet is also far more hygienic than a clipboard, pen and paper! Tablets can easily be sanitised between uses. Additionally, staff and frequent visitors can also take advantage of contactless sign-in with COVID Collect. All they need is a simple QR code on their smartphone (or even a print-out on paper). Flash this at the tablet and COVID Collect signs them in automatically. QR codes can be generated for free using a number of online services. Click here to read our guide on how to create a QR code for your smartphone.

Make COVID Collect part of your business’s range of measures to keep everyone as safe as possible when using your premises.

COVIDCollect is easy to configure – set-up takes seconds...
Contactless visitor sign-in using a smartphone and a QR code
Keep your visitor information private with PIN-protected access to data
Review your visitor log in information in the administration area
Browse and display visitor information by date
Quickly generate a text file listing everyone who attended on a day
Exported data is saved in a format that is easily imported into other applications and shared with NHS Test & Trace

COVID Collect runs on Android tablets (version 7 and newer), and can be purchased directly from us for £25 plus VAT.

Why choose CovidCollect?

Contactless sign-in with QR code reader

If your visitor has a QR app on their phone they can generate their own QR code and use contactless sign-in.

Easy name and number entry

No QR app? Visitors can easily enter their name and number, hygienically, after the device is wiped clean.

PIN protected administration area

Keep visitor information private with pin protected administration.

Export of daily attendance

Quickly generate a csv of everyone who attended on a day and share with the NHS Test & Trace.

Easy configuration

Front or back camera, UK/US formats, and set length of time data is held. If the rules change, you can keep up with COVID Collect.

New Forest Runners adopt CovidCollect – See it in action...
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“We chose this app for its ease of use, with no writing on clipboards and no admin required.

“The information is recorded by QR code, or manual entry if needed, and stored for the required twenty-one days.

“The option to export is a bonus feature which gives us a view of members training at different locations.

“Best of all, no internet is required – which is important in the middle of the forest!”

Paul Goode, New Forest Runners

Church uses CovidCollect to safely welcome its parishioners...
The Parish of Merthyr Tydfil, St David and Abercanaid

“COVIDCollect has shaved hours off our weekly admin. It seems everyone quite enjoys getting their QR codes beeped on entry to the church. We feel safe, they feel safe so a win win for all. Thank you C3 Software.”

Mark Prevett, The Parish of Merthyr Tydfil, St David and Abercanaid

CovidCollect is only available for direct download from C3 software...
COVID app news snippets

Privately developed COVID-related apps are being blocked by the major distribution platforms (Apple, Google and Amazon), and so COVIDCollect is only available direct from C3 Software for the price of £25 + VAT

Please note: due to the block, you will have to set-up your device to allow app installs from unknown sources (ie, not downloaded from Google Play Store).
This is a simple procedure, outlined in the steps here.

Need Hardware?

Save yourself the time hunting for suitable hardware to run COVID Collect. Here are our recommendations for tablets and stands…

Universal countertop stand

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Universal floor stand

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