WaiverForm Case Study



WAIVERFORM® isn’t just a simple-to-use, highly manageable and customisable, secure, digital waiver platform. The suite of WAIVERFORM® applications can be used for all your sign in and data capture needs. It can add a professional touch to your venue’s reception area, working as a welcome and sign-in screen for visitors. Or you can create questionnaires and surveys to capture specific customer data and reactions, and engage with them via mailing lists and social media connections.

With all your waiver and customer information logically collated within the management portal, using WAIVERFORM® for marketing purposes or business analytics is a cinch.  All this information is available at your fingertips within the WAIVERFORM® suite.

Key features include:
Instant Pre-Defined Waivers

Don’t worry if you haven’t already got a waiver. We have pre-defined templates ready to use, which you can also customise to fit your needs.

100% Customisable Waivers

Don’t like our waivers? Not to worry. You can either edit our to suit your needs, or upload your own waiver.

Data Export

Your data is yours. While working with us, we are only custodians of your data. If you decide to move on, then no hard feelings! We make it easy to take your data with you.

Everything Unlimited

We don’t charge per waiver signed, or per document stored. We charge a simple, monthly fee for keeping everything secure, up-to-date, and within regulations.

Increase Your Social Reach

WAIVERFORM® builds a bridge between your customer and your social relationship. It’s about more than just capturing and e-mail address.

Your Branding Reinforced

If you’re like us, you’ve spent a lot of time and effort building your brand. With WAIVERFORM® you can customise your portal and tablets to match your branding.

Find out more at www.waiverform.co.uk